Please read the following booking conditions carefully, they outline our obligations to you, and your responsibilities to us.

Every endeavour has been made to ensure the validity of this website. Te Waka Tours believes the contents to be correct at the time of posting, but all prices and Tours described herein are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. The Company reserves the right to make changes to an itinerary if something beyond their control deems it necessary.


You agree to accept the authority of the Tour Leaders and comply with their decisions. In the event a Tour Leader requires a passenger to leave a Tour, no refund will be given. That passenger will also be responsible for their return transportation cost and will have no claim against Te Waka Tours.


As our Tours take us into remote regions at times, your health and fitness should be of a reasonable standard. A guide will be with the group most of the time but participants are expected to be able to take care of themselves. If you need to take regular medication or have a known health problem, please ensure that you have an adequate supply for the duration of the trip and notify Te Waka Tours at the time of booking of any special needs you may require.

NO smoking in our vehicles! We have frequent stops for photos, sightseeing etc. Smokers are asked to be considerate and use those times to have a puff.

To keep overall Tour costs down, we make frequent use of highly recommended Backpackers accommodation, Department of Conservation huts and Marae (Maori Villages), with shared rooms. If you wish to have your own room please let the Company know at time of booking. This will incur extra cost!

Although the Company will take all reasonable care to prevent theft and mishaps, we strongly recommend travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Including loss of luggage, medical and curtail expenses. We would be pleased to recommend and assist you in obtaining insurance. Under no circumstances is Te Waka Tours responsible for:

a) Delays, personal injuries, property damage, theft, or loss resulting from any as of God, mechanical breakdowns, participation in sport or activities, or however caused.

b) Any act of neglect of any person or company whose services are retained by Te Waka Tours.

c) Any deviation, delay or curtailment of any kind, however caused. Additional expenses, if incurred under any of these circumstances, will be borne by you.

In between meal snacks and drinks are at your expense, also any laundry charges. Most of our Tours include "free Days", usually spent at places where there are a lot of opportunities to participate in, or visit Tourist attractions. However the cost of these will not be covered by Te Waka Tours.

50L Comfortable backpack, sleeping bag and bed roll, strong tramping boots, a day pack, sun hat and sunblock. Always have a change of clothes and socks available, take a warm, lightweight jersey and waterproof jacket. Of course do not forget your camera and a spare roll of film. If you intend to visit a restaurant just for a change from our yummy camp food, do take some tidy casual clothes and shoes. Te Waka Tours will supply tents, campstoves, cutlery, pots and pans when needed, also first Aid equipment, maps and food! However if you would like to come on our longer Tours (3 and 4), you will need to bring your own cooking equipment, plates and cutlery.

For those who are travelling around New Zealand and wish to join our Tour, please feel free to ring our N.Z. Office for bookings.
Our phone no. 07 878 6761.